Setting Timers

To set a Timer's time:

After selecting the Timer's Address, the Timer value field is activated.

  1. Enter the time.

  2. You can also write the time into a Timer via the Timer list window

    Note that the Resolution field is Read-only. The resolution is a function of the Timer Preset Value;

A Timer's maximum preset value is:

Note that the time format is: HH:MM:SS.hh.

Timer resolutions

10mS (0.01S)(from 00:00:00.01 to 00:02:43.83 )

100mS (0.1S)(from 00:00:00.10 to 00:27:18.30)

1000mS (1.0S)(from 00:00:01.00 to 04:33:03.00 )

10000mS (10.0S)(from 00:00:10.00 to 45:30:30.00)

Note that:

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