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Letter from the CEO, 2017

I am pleased to report that 2016 was a year of major achievement for Unitronics.
The company met a number of goals, while receiving marks of recognition regarding the company’s merit, value, and accomplishments.

FIMI a leading private equity, demonstrated great faith in both Unitronics’ current and future value by adding Unitronics to its investment portfolio, investing 30 million USD in Unitronics shares, in order to enhance growth. FIMI has a track record of success spanning over 20 years, during which it has raised six private equity funds with more than $3 billion in aggregate capital commitments. Senior FIMI partner Gillon Beck has stated that, “Unitronics fits in well with FIMI’s investment strategy: it has unique products and solutions, export-oriented sales, proven experience, and growth engines. We are convinced that with the help of management and the employees, we will bring the company to new peaks.”

During 2016, the Parking Division of Unitronics Automated Solutions brought a number of projects to successful completion. Our West Hollywood Automated Parking System received several prestigious awards, most notably from the National Parking Association (NPA) as the 2016 Innovative Facility of the Year.
This year also saw the launch of our new “Matrix” parking system, a technology that provides a reliable, modular solution for buildings and crowded areas.
APS Automated Parking Systems are no longer part of our future—they are part of the present, and more projects are underway.

I am proud to note that Unitronics Products Division was again honored, for the fourth consecutive year, with an important industry award: Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award 2016, Spotlight on Innovation. The winner was our latest UniStream All-in-One HMI + PLC controller model, which comprises a 15″ color touch screen. The products division launched a number of other products, most notably a 7″ model of the extremely popular Samba controller line.

We look forward to the coming year, 2017, with the utmost confidence in Unitronics continued growth and success.



Haim Shani, CEO

February, 2017



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